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R3 Services Overview

R3 reduces the expenses associated with processing Redistribution orders, by providing unified services and support throughout the supply chain from initial order through final delivery. By collecting a comprehensive group of services under one umbrella, R3 offers customers more options for product selection, pricing and delivery without the need to work with different vendor organizations or multiple contacts. This greatly simplifies the process for customers and allows streamlining of processes for reduced shipping and warehousing costs.

R3 offers numerous other benefits to customers. A major one is "behind the scenes." The experienced professionals staffing R3 have developed extensive relationships over the years with manufacturers and distributors. This becomes invaluable in reducing freight costs, for instance, since we take advantage of consolidating outbound truckloads through our well-developed network. R3 provides a full spectrum of logistics management and customer support solutions, including:

  • Sales support
  • Advanced technologies
  • In-depth training
  • Product pricing and selection options
  • Purchasing management/administration

Clients gain access to all these services and more, selecting only those they need. R3 services are scalable, efficiently servicing orders ranging from several dozen products to tens of thousands. Our company goal is to improve services to distributors, giving R3 customers a competitive edge. As an umbrella provider of services, the number of vendors and transactions required to fulfill orders is reduced for greater efficiency and savings.

Consulting Services

R3 provides more than logistics/supply chain management services. We also offer skilled staff who can consult with clients on how to improve the operational efficiency of their distribution systems.

Technology Support

R3 offers our partners access to e-commerce technologies to improve their sales. This includes online, fully searchable catalogs, as well as online access to order, pricing, inventory and history services. In addition, R3 offers clients full EDI capability for purchase orders, invoices, ASN and adjustments. Customers can also transfer data quickly via FTP between the R3 servers and theirs.

The Largest Redistribution Network In North America

A truly continental Redistribution organization, R3 services the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico with sales exceeding $1.2 billion in 2006. To support our clients throughout North America, R3 currently employs over 2,600 professionals with experience in the supply chain/Redistribution field. This staff works out of 74 shipping facilities. R3 also operates one of the largest private trucking fleets in North America with over 450 tractors and 650 trailers.