Website Features

Our websites further strengthen the effectiveness of your printed catalog by offering a consistency across sales channels. Your customers will recognize your brand and feel an added level of comfort knowing that they are doing business with a trusted distributor. Make the decision today to provide your customers a website that is complete with every feature they need to grow their business with you.

Company Branded


Select from one of three professionally designed website templates which will incorporate your company logo and contact information. Each website includes pages for you to express your unique selling proposition (i.e., About Us, Services, Terms & Conditions, etc.) and an area on the front page for you to include a news article pertinent to your customers' needs.

Catalog Search


Customize your search categories and product selection to better match your approach to the market. You know your customers and what they have come to expect from you as their preferred distributor, so show them what they came for...

Quick & Easy


Customers often times know exactly what they want and don't necessarily need to browse. For this very reason, we built into the website a SKU Quick Order System, as well as a Favorites page that they can access, order and be back to work in under a minute.

eCommerce Driven


All features and functions of the website have been built with the sole purpose of directing your customers easily through the purchasing process. From the fully functional shopping cart to the Featured Products function, every aspect of the customer's purchasing process has been considered and addressed.

Marketing Opportunities


The website's template was designed to include all areas for pre-built display banners that help you to promote your site's top features. Direct customers to your sales center, invite then to explore your interactive Line Card, or offer them the ability to request a printed catalog.

Virtual Flyers


Combine the efforts of the printed Retail Sales Flyer with the functionality of your new website. The website will automatically include a display banner linking your customers to the Virtual Flyer—where they can view the newest products and incredible savings offered in three Retail Sales Flyers issued annually by R3 Safety.


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Features to Streamline and Boost Sales
  • Catalog Search
  • SKU Quick Order System
  • Customer Product Favorites
  • Customer Order History and Detail
  • "As Low As" Pricing
  • Sale Center
  • Catalog Request Form
  • Customer Account System
  • Pricing Management System
  • Site Performance Reports
  • Web-based Administration
  • Virtual Retail Flyer Tie-In
  • Order Tracking and Management System
  • Multiple Administrative Accounts
  • Featured Products Section
  • PO / CC Payment System
  • Confirmation and Notification Emails
  • Ongoing Manufacturer Approved Product Updates
  • Custom Information Pages
  • Initial Catalog Setup
  • Discount Association Per Login
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Client Managed News Article