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Due to rising transportation and fulfillment costs, R3 Safety will implement a Fuel Surcharge (FSC) on all orders in which R3 Safety pays freight (including orders that meet prepaid freight minimums).  


Changes to the surcharge value will be reviewed quarterly based on the National Average Diesel Price/Gallon, as published at http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/pet_pri_gnd_dcus_nus_w.htm  

Based on increases or decreases of Diesel Price/Gallon, adjustments to the FSC will be considered.  

  • Pricing will only be reviewed and adjusted (if needed) on the first day of a new quarter.  
  • If on the first day of the new quarter:

- Diesel has averaged below $3.00/gallon over the past few weeks; a FSC will not be charged for the next quarter.  

- Diesel has averaged above $3.75/gallon over the past few weeks; an increased FSC amount will be reviewed.  


Orders that will not be assessed fuel surcharges: will call, third party, and collect.  

Please contact customer service or your sales representative with any questions at 1.800.421.7081


R3 Safety values your business and appreciates your understanding.