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Understanding GreenCircle-Certified Biodegradable Gloves

Sustainability isn’t just a commitment - it’s part of SHOWA’s legacy.
SHOWA's revolutionary Eco Best Technology® offers the solution that makes a difference to the environment, without any compromise on protection and performance.

SHOWA Group offers PPE solutions that are GreenCircle-Certified. GreenCircle is an independent third-party organization that igorously evaluates and certifies ecological product and operations claims made by manufacturers and suppliers. 

For SHOWA, GreenCircle certification safeguards:

Consumer Trust SHOWA products have earned the trust of consumers by being GreenCircle-certified starting in 2021 and extending to the present day. GreenCircle and Amazon actively promote GreenCircle certification as a way for consumers to verify the accuracy of SHOWA’s product sustainability claims.

Continuous Maintenance of Product Quality GreenCircle certification is only valid for a limited time—one year, to be exact. After this period, certification must be renewed by each company or brand that applies for it. For SHOWA, this spurs a continuous drive to ensure quality control and maintain industry-leading standards.

Proof of Eco-Friendly Claims GreenCircle certification is proof that a company’s eco-friendly product, operations, and multi-attribute claims have been verified as legitimate. Certification is indicated by the blue and green "GreenCircle Certified" logo.

Commitment of SHOWA to Environmental Protection When consumers know that products and operations are GreenCircle-certified, they can feel confident that a company is upholding its mission of eco-consciousness and minimizing its environmental impact. When buying certified products, consumers help these businesses achieve such goals more quickly while following through on their own personal goals of sustainability.


The following SHOWA gloves have achieved GreenCircle certification.  Click below for more information:



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